Friday, October 13, 2017

RegViewer a read-only Windows registry viewer, safe and easy to use

Window Registry is a system configuration information is stored centrally in a hierarchical database called the registry for short. You can use built-in Windows Registry Editor to add and edit registry keys and values, restore the registry from a backup or to default values, and to import or export keys for reference or backup. However, many people fear using this because if you make a mistake it's really hard to recover from. Because You probably have no back-up you registry to begin with.

RegViewer attempts to be identical to Registry Editor, without the Editor part.
Registry Statistics are not real keys, but contains summary of WMI Win32_Registry class

Free Download for Personal Use Only
Updated with new Hex Editor library
- Sizable dialog boxes

1. Unzip to favorite folder or C:\Program Files (x86)\RegViewer to appear in Windows search. Installer coming soon.
2. Personal use version will open this page on exit. Thanks for the page view.
3. 100% no adware or spyware.
4. Use contact form for licensed version.


1. Goto a registry path directly. Choose File Goto to Key...

Cut and Paste and go directly to it. Choose 1st item under File menu.

2. Built-in Hex-Editor, for PRO edition this will save.

Search Registry using Regex

For fastest registry search use RegScanner from Nirsoft. Copy and paste key into Goto to Key now supported in Pro Edition.


4. Save shortcuts paths as Favorites, and a few useful built-in ones.

Known Limitations

  1. RegViewer does not list paths starting with dot underscore "._sln"

    Reason: The RegistryKey.OpenSubKey Method & RegistryKey.GetSubKeyNames are implemented incorrectly and they do not list ._{keynames} in the .NET 4 Framework.

  2. If an empty keys (a key with no data) will not open, right-click RegViewer.exe and "Run as Adminstrator" to solve this.

    Note: (Default) key will not open, in normal or elevated mode.

  3. RegViewer Search is slow

    For fastest registry search use RegScanner from Nirsoft. Copy and paste key into Goto to Key now supported in Pro Edition.

  4. Following Registry Values are unsupported (strikeout below) limitation of .NET Library

    Unsupported  Registry Types will appear as REG_UNKNOWN or REG_NOT_IMPLEMENTED.

    Aside: My RegtoText command line utility converts all of these types in a Windows Registry exported file (.reg) into a human readable text (.txt).

"value" alias hex(1)Default or blankString value data with escape characters
hex alias hex(3)REG_BINARYBinary data (any arbitrary data)
dword alias hex(4)
A 32-bit unsigned integer coded in little-endian format
hex(0)REG_NONENo type (the stored value, if any)
hex(1)REG_SZA string value, normally stored and exposed in UTF-16LE (when using the Unicode version of Win32 API functions), usually terminated by a NUL character
hex(2)EXPAND_SZAn “expandable” string value that can contain environment variables, normally stored and exposed in UTF-16LE, usually terminated by a NUL character
hex(3)REG_BINARYBinary data (any arbitrary data) including variable byte encoded UTF8 values
A 32-bit unsigned integer coded in little-endian format
hex(5)REG_DWORD_BIG_ENDIANA 32-bit unsigned integer coded in big-endian format
hex(6)REG_LINKA symbolic link (UNICODE) to another Registry key, specifying a root key and the path to the target key
hex(7)REG_MULTI_SZA multi-string value, which is an ordered list of non-empty strings, normally stored and exposed in UTF-16LE, each one terminated by a NUL character, the list being normally terminated by a second NUL character.
hex(8)REG_RESOURCE_LISTA resource list
hex(9)REG_FULL_RESOURCE_DESCRIPTORA resource descriptor
hex(a)REG_RESOURCE_REQUIREMENTS_LISTA resource requirements list
A 64-bit integer little-endian (introduced in Windows XP)

    RegViewer Pro Edition Features 
    1. Registry Statistics
    2. Goto a Key Path supports all root hive acronyms. ie HKLM and HKLM: expands to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and support cut and paste from RegScanner from Nirsoft.
    3. Editing keys will save, including binary keys edited in built-in Hex Editor. 
    4. Delete keys
    5. Create new keys

    For Pro Edition commercial ($27.00 USD) and licensing contact using Contact Form to the right.

    RegViewer MVP Pro Edition Features 
    1. All of the above, except not including 3,4,5
    Registry Status Codes

    • OK ("OK")
    • Error ("Error")
    • Degraded ("Degraded")
    • Unknown ("Unknown")
    • Pred Fail ("Pred Fail")
    • Starting ("Starting")
    • Stopping ("Stopping")
    • Service ("Service")
    • Stressed ("Stressed")
    • NonRecover ("NonRecover")
    • No Contact ("No Contact")
    • Lost Comm ("Lost Comm")
    Complete description of these codes on MSDN.

    Companion Articles 

    My post on the "Windows 10 Registry Size, Number of Keys, Values"

    A good overview of registry a Microsoft support article entitled "Windows registry information for advanced users" - read it.

    Companion tools;

    My RegtoText is a command line utility that converts 12 hex types in a Windows Registry exported file (.reg) into a human readable text (.txt). Free demo available for download.

    Cut and paste into this HxD - Freeware Hex Editor to manipulate hexadecimal easily.